What’s Saving My Life Right Now


Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy has posed the question, “What is saving your life right now?” It may seem like an odd question, but she says it’s all too easy to think of the things that are going wrong right now. But what’s going right? What are the small comforts or big events that help you keep your sanity during these cold and dreary winter days? I’m linking up to discuss what’s saving my life. I’ll give you a small portion of my list.


  1. My Traveler’s Notebook. I would be lost without it. I use it as a calendar, planner, notebook, to do list, goal planner, and many other things
  2. My Miracle Morning routine. I feel so peaceful and ready for my day after completing the routine. I’m no longer rushing to get out the door and angry that I’m going to be late.
    books (1)
  3. Physical books. Last year I spent so much time reading on my iPad that I forgot the pleasure of reading a physical book. Nothing compares to it.
  4. Chai tea. My husband bought me some amazing chai tea from Teavana. It’s blissful.
  5. Space heaters. I discovered that putting my space heater at work under my desk is most effective for warming me, especially when I get a cold draft from the front door opening.

4 thoughts on “What’s Saving My Life Right Now

  1. That’s cute that you and Anne both listed space heaters. I am a big fan of lap blankets, myself! I’ll have to look into the morning routine book.

    1. Unfortunately I move around too much for a lap blanket! And I can’t recommend the Miracle Morning book enough!

  2. Those are all awesome things! I’d have to say my Bullet Journal, Kindle, podcasts, Alba’s UNPetrolium jelly for super dry skin and chapped lips, and body spray. So apparently I like to check off books I’ve read in my BuJo while moisturizing and smelling pretty. 🙂

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